Wax Applicator Sticks (100 count/pack)
Wax Applicator Sticks (100 count/pack)
Wax Applicator Sticks (100 count/pack)

Wax Applicator Sticks (100 count/pack)


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♥ MULTI-USE & VALUE FOR MONEY: With a 100 count per pack at this pricing and quality, you can be sure that you are getting the best value out of your purchase. These sticks are ideal for hard wax, bead wax and a variety of wax dips. 

♥ WIDE & LONG: Efficiently sized at 15*1.8 cm (5.9*0.7 inches), it brings you much more convenience by covering a larger body area in lesser time and achieving a flawless finish on skin.

♥ NATURAL & HARMLESS TO SKIN: Unlike synthetic sticks, the Myors Wax Applicator Sticks are made of all natural good quality birchwood and you can avoid potential harmful chemical reactions to leach out upon contact with the hot temperature wax.

♥ SMOOTH, CLEAN & ROUNDED EDGES: The smooth finish of the wax sticks ensures that it does not erode or chip easily and can protect the skin from being hurt during therapy. 

♥ SUITABLE FOR SALON & HOME USE: Ideal for use by both professionals and home-based individuals. Get rid of your unwanted hair with the help of the Myors Wax Applicator Sticks today!



100 sticks per pack



Each stick measures 15 x 1.8 cm (5.09 x 0.7 inches)