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About us

The Beauty Fame began with a young girl (then 16) who did not believe that a quality product has to come with a hefty price tag. She found products that were overpriced in your favourite beauty salon, quality items that were inexpensive yet unknown, and she wants to share them with you.



Our approach is simple – we only focus on bringing quality products to you at a fraction of its original branded cost.



We work with manufacturers behind the big beauty scene – the same ones whom your favourite (branded) spa and salons are getting their supplies from – to bring the naked (unbranded) products closer to you. By doing so, we cut away the overheads and advertising costs of the brands which you have been overpaying for, and pass on these savings to you.



Our products may not have the most attractive packaging – but we do not compromise on its quality.


Here at The Beauty Fame, we believe in the spirit of sharing good things and we want to share them with you.