Facial Headband
Facial Headband
Facial Headband
Facial Headband

Facial Headband


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Always ending up in a mess with your fringe or baby hair sticking all over your face while performing your daily skincare routine? These headbands are here to help! 

♥ SOFT & COMFY: These headbands are made of good quality polyester fabric that is soft and skin-friendly, and offers the elasticity we need to keep our comfort at bay while we focus on pampering our skin. 

♥ ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Worry no more about headache-causing tight and uncomfortable headbands! These are adjustable with a velcro strap that comfortably fits most heads, no matter the size. 

♥ WASHABLE & REUSABLE: Can be repeatedly used and washed without losing its shape and elasticity. 


Each piece measures 55 cm x 8 cm (21.6 x 3.14 inches)

(Please excuse 1-2cm of human error in measurements)



Polyester Fabric


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  • Blue