Because you are getting exactly what the local beauty salons are getting!

Through an exclusive partnership with multiple manufacturers and suppliers behind the local beauty scene, The Beauty Fame is able to rework the professional salon supplies into consumer-friendly packs to allow for the ease of use.

By working with our accredited partners – the same ones whom your favorite (branded) spa and beauty parlour are getting their supplies from – we bring the naked (unbranded) products closer to you but without the overheads, service fees, labour and advertising costs which adds up the sum you pay at each salon treatment. 

We have a wide variety of products and they are available in different sizes to suit our customers. Whether you are an individual, a home-based beautician, or an established beauty services company, we are certain that we will be able to fulfil your requirements.

All our products are registered with HSA (Health Sciences Authority) Singapore and you can rest assure that we comply with all requirements.